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Our mission is to give you more confidence when you shop.

TAILOR'D was born when the founders couldn't remember their pant size.  From that point on they were determined to change the way men and women remember and share their clothing measurements.

Fashionable ladies and gentlemen of yesteryear never had to remember their measurements, their tailors provided that service. Today’s stylish man and woman now have these dimensions at their fingertips, courtesy of TAILOR'D.


This easy-to-use app stores all your hard-to-remember clothing measurements:  waist size, arm length, shoulder width et al. It even takes note of subtle details, such as your ring, hat and watch size.

No more shop floor hesitation as you rack your brain for that pesky inside leg measurement. No more comically baggy sweaters gifted to you by well-meaning friends and family, simply send your correct details directly in the app.

Step into the world of TAILOR'D, where even off-the-peg fashion feels like it was made just for you.

Never forget your fashion measurements again.

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